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Month: May, 2012

I am INSANELY funny



In my performances and entertainment pieces and my troll songs, I combine all different types of humor… I focus on one more than the rest, but I have a little bit of everything for most people.

Generally, I adapt to the people around me, and make jokes adapting to the situation I’m in.

I am VERY funny

I know what is funny, I know what makes me laugh, I know how to make others laugh as well.

I find life a playful game, and I am able to laugh at it and enjoy myself.

My humor and jokes are extremely unique and powerfully funny


I am one of the greatest, most controversial, most talked about comedians

Yahoo answers:

Is Lil B satire, or a parody of Lil Wayne?

1) Please tell me he is. I can think of no other explanation for his music.
He’s proving that he can be a controversial idiot and be successful, he can actually rap when he wants, but he’s more into being a comedian. He’s never admitted it but that’s because he wants to keep it up. I used to hate him till I realized he was just being funny.
He’s mocking music in general most of the time. He’s not even close to being one of my favorite, but he’s entertaining.

2) He doesn’t try to impress anyone with technical skill…he’s just in it for fun. What he is, however, is a very talented producer, and that’s what gets most people to listen to him, that coupled with the do-what-you-enjoy-not-caring-what-anyone thinks… attitude.

3) He’s part satire, part troll, part serious musician, and part business man. Complex dude. XD

All I know is that I enjoy his music and anyone who gets upset over his debasing Rap or whatever is taking themselves way too seriously. :/





I always aim for good

I am stopping at nothing to bring good to the world, even if it seems impossible, I am finding ways, I am finding the resources, I am working to benefit the world.


I have an intuition for what is good programming and what is bad, and bad/evil programming never enters my mind.

I am a good person, I love and am always on Allah’s side

Note: don’t feel guilty for hiring workers.. everyone who works for your (directly atleast) will have great lives, and will be treated with utmost greatness. You will make sure your workers are happy with their lives. 

Theres no reason business should be unethical and slimey

Study business ethics and keep a sheet of your deepest ethics and NEVER sacrifice your deepest values and ethics for ANYTHING.. Fuck getting rich if you have to do unethical things. Some times you have to bend the rules, but thats only if it helps people and helps the world as a end result. Never compromise your morals and ethics and the goodness within you.

I PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY NO MATTER WHAT. Shaytan is trying to stop me from praying, I’m just falling into his trap when I don’t pray.

Personal mastery

I have deep connection with my inner self and higher being. I am always at the top of health, achievement, and happiness. 

I always think positively and I never have doubts about myself. My thoughts are always aimed at my highest potential. 

If I ever think negatively, I catch myself doing it, delete the negative thought, and replace it with a positive thought. 

I am sexy and in shape, vibrant and young

This is how my body looks

I have a deep, wicked sexy look

I have a deep sense of connection with inner self. Constantly gaining deeper knowledge about myself and always gaining deeper spiritual enlightenment.

I have a STRONG interior which can handle and excel at any situation

I am unconditionally happy and able to change my emotions at any time.

I always enjoy life and smile and laugh

I am completely in control of my destiny

fairly-odd-parents.jpg (218×150)

I am always gaining more and more knowledge about everything that interests me and benefits me, always learning more about the world and about people. 

Divinely successful companies and ventures.

I’m creating and managing powerful and successful companies

I am among the richest people in the world and my companies are at the top of the line

I’m one of the world’s most powerful and influential people

I have INCREDIBLE power and I am one of the most powerful people in the world. 

I am one of the richest people in the world and I have made my money easily and while enjoying my life to it’s highest potential. I made my money without sacrificing my friends, family, personal happiness, and my well being/health.

I have a blend of power, extraordinary thinking, extraordinary achievement, deep love of humanity and I have a deep sense of morals. 



– I am persuasive and highly influential

– I am deeply engaging and often piss yourself laughing funny. I’m very funny and interesting and charismatic.

– I am very high powered, I’m featured on top magazines and I have received very prestigious honors.

– I am intelligent and incredibly talented. I own many innovative companies and have introduced highly valuable and innovate new products and inventions.

– I am a man who makes people feel good.

– I am a man with the ability to hypnotize and control anyone he is in conversation with. He can direct the conversation in anyway and control it in virtually impossible to spot ways. I maintain my morals and always provide value to both myself and the subject.

– I am very likable by most people.  I have the ability to build deep rapport with everyone.

– I am lovable and interesting. I’m extremely funny at times, and extremely interesting at times.

– I am a man who installs a deep sense of trust and rapport with everyone while having them maintain a peak state of interest in me.

– I am a man with very high morals and principles.

– I am financially successful on a monumental scale, tens of billions scale.

– I am a man who has powerfully changed the world for the better

– I am a man who has achieved insurmountable success while enjoying life and enjoying what he does, and while maintaining the deepest values: Family, friendship, value to the world, and optimum health

I have the ability to control any situation.


Beautiful apartment


HOLY fucking shit. Imagine living in a hill top house like that. Peaceful, beautiful, aesthetic, not too large, just perfectly perfect. Wow.

Just let the overwhelming beauty take over you. This is the type of house/residence you are living in.

Lotus Elise



FUCK YEAH, this is MY car. I can see myself looking at it’s sexy, shiny body.. I can see other people checking it out. I can see myself getting into it, turning on the engine, hearing the engine roar.. smelling the great interior, feeling my hands on the leather steering wheel, getting exhilarated and feeling like a million bucks as I’m about to drive this car off. 


This is a colla…

This is a collage of my biggest and most personal dreams and goals. I am absolutely certain and confident that my subconscious is manifesting them.