I’m one of the world’s most powerful and influential people

by dreamsandgoals

I have INCREDIBLE power and I am one of the most powerful people in the world. 

I am one of the richest people in the world and I have made my money easily and while enjoying my life to it’s highest potential. I made my money without sacrificing my friends, family, personal happiness, and my well being/health.

I have a blend of power, extraordinary thinking, extraordinary achievement, deep love of humanity and I have a deep sense of morals. 



– I am persuasive and highly influential

– I am deeply engaging and often piss yourself laughing funny. I’m very funny and interesting and charismatic.

– I am very high powered, I’m featured on top magazines and I have received very prestigious honors.

– I am intelligent and incredibly talented. I own many innovative companies and have introduced highly valuable and innovate new products and inventions.

– I am a man who makes people feel good.

– I am a man with the ability to hypnotize and control anyone he is in conversation with. He can direct the conversation in anyway and control it in virtually impossible to spot ways. I maintain my morals and always provide value to both myself and the subject.

– I am very likable by most people.  I have the ability to build deep rapport with everyone.

– I am lovable and interesting. I’m extremely funny at times, and extremely interesting at times.

– I am a man who installs a deep sense of trust and rapport with everyone while having them maintain a peak state of interest in me.

– I am a man with very high morals and principles.

– I am financially successful on a monumental scale, tens of billions scale.

– I am a man who has powerfully changed the world for the better

– I am a man who has achieved insurmountable success while enjoying life and enjoying what he does, and while maintaining the deepest values: Family, friendship, value to the world, and optimum health

I have the ability to control any situation.