Personal mastery

by dreamsandgoals

I have deep connection with my inner self and higher being. I am always at the top of health, achievement, and happiness. 

I always think positively and I never have doubts about myself. My thoughts are always aimed at my highest potential. 

If I ever think negatively, I catch myself doing it, delete the negative thought, and replace it with a positive thought. 

I am sexy and in shape, vibrant and young

This is how my body looks

I have a deep, wicked sexy look

I have a deep sense of connection with inner self. Constantly gaining deeper knowledge about myself and always gaining deeper spiritual enlightenment.

I have a STRONG interior which can handle and excel at any situation

I am unconditionally happy and able to change my emotions at any time.

I always enjoy life and smile and laugh

I am completely in control of my destiny

fairly-odd-parents.jpg (218×150)

I am always gaining more and more knowledge about everything that interests me and benefits me, always learning more about the world and about people.