I am INSANELY funny

by dreamsandgoals



In my performances and entertainment pieces and my troll songs, I combine all different types of humor… I focus on one more than the rest, but I have a little bit of everything for most people.

Generally, I adapt to the people around me, and make jokes adapting to the situation I’m in.

I am VERY funny

I know what is funny, I know what makes me laugh, I know how to make others laugh as well.

I find life a playful game, and I am able to laugh at it and enjoy myself.

My humor and jokes are extremely unique and powerfully funny


I am one of the greatest, most controversial, most talked about comedians

Yahoo answers:

Is Lil B satire, or a parody of Lil Wayne?

1) Please tell me he is. I can think of no other explanation for his music.
He’s proving that he can be a controversial idiot and be successful, he can actually rap when he wants, but he’s more into being a comedian. He’s never admitted it but that’s because he wants to keep it up. I used to hate him till I realized he was just being funny.
He’s mocking music in general most of the time. He’s not even close to being one of my favorite, but he’s entertaining.

2) He doesn’t try to impress anyone with technical skill…he’s just in it for fun. What he is, however, is a very talented producer, and that’s what gets most people to listen to him, that coupled with the do-what-you-enjoy-not-caring-what-anyone thinks… attitude.

3) He’s part satire, part troll, part serious musician, and part business man. Complex dude. XD

All I know is that I enjoy his music and anyone who gets upset over his debasing Rap or whatever is taking themselves way too seriously. :/